Reflections by Kenneth Smith

//Reflections by Kenneth Smith

Reflections by Kenneth Smith

This painting is reflective of a year in my life in which I have undergone extensive treatment and recovery from a diagnosis that I had a malignant tumour on my gullet. The painting is a mixed media combination of white basic acrylic paint coloured with ochre natural earth pigment mined from the Clearwell Caves in the Royal Forest of Dean. The ochre pigments come in four colours yellow, brown , red and purple, all four are used in this painting.

My reflections about this painting are as follows :-

The background of sky and water reflect the full range of colours, The full moon or sun reflects your choice just as it is your choice when the diagnosis is made, in my case I decided the only thing I could do was to get myself as mentally and physically fit as possible so the MDT team could do their respective jobs. The buildings reflect several places including Dumfries Hospital for MDT control, The Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh for various tests and scans and The Western General Hospital oncology department which in my case ticked every box in a positive manner enabling me to proceed to the operation stage.

The Trees represent the sound foundation that my life is built on, strong and secure yet yearning to breath new life into each new bud as the seasons change, this gives me the strength to look forward and work with the team to secure that future. As I sit here now some twelve months after the operation I can only marvel at the job that has been done, every aspect seems to have been a tick in the box. My weight is now stable and my eating almost normal in so many ways, yes there is still some way to go to a full recovery however I feel full of confidence to begin that journey.

Which brings me to the boat, tethered ready for boarding, again your choice what will that be? The whole picture is coloured by a misty atmosphere whilst this maintains an overall calmness it covers the many ups and downs there has been along the journey. All of which the MDT team deal with day in day out they are truly special people. I was thankful for the straight forward frankness at every stage by all parties, this helped me understand the full implications of the situation without getting personal, only then does the going get really tough.

By far the worst moment of the journey was the cancellation at the last moment of  my operation due to there being no beds available in ITU. Luckily two weeks later we struck gold, after an extended time in theatre of some 101/2 hours the job was completed. Again the journey through ITU, normal ward to home was text book and so it continues. The final reflection is that the completion of the painting and this explanation yet again ticks boxes in that my concentration and stamina are returning.

I hope you can see the reflections and can draw peace and strength for your journey in your life, thank you for your time and considerations.

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